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our Vision

Uniper is transforming Wilhelmshaven into a central energy hub for the import and production of green hydrogen-based energy sources.

To reach its net zero targets, Germany needs large amounts of green energy sources. Currently, it cannot produce enough renewable electricity by itself and therefore energy imports and the expansion of offshore wind farms in the German North Sea are vital. Investing in both the import and production of renewable energy carriers ensures diversification and means that Germany can avoid one-sided dependencies on energy supplies in the future.

With Green Wilhelmshaven, we will help ensure the security of supply of Germany and large parts of continental Europe. Furthermore, this large-scale project will also support local value creation not only by creating new jobs within the region and will drive forward the energy transition in Germany.

Uniper will utilise these advantages to develop its Wilhelmshaven sites into a significant hydrogen supply hub for customers all over Germany.

To operate as a major landing and production site for hydrogen, Wilhelmshaven will require an efficient hydrogen infrastructure. This will be achieved by the construction of new dedicated hydrogen pipelines making the location fit for the future of a hydrogen economy.

End-users of our products are industrial off-takers all over Germany. We expect initial demand for green hydrogen from steel producers , the chemical industry and refineries. With the expanding German hydrogen backbone, customers in Lower-Saxony and other parts of Germany will be supplied from Wilhelmshaven.